Totem Sling Bags

Posted on November 15, 2018

Go Hands-Free with a Totem Sling Bag

Go hands-free with a Totem sling bag. There is no denying it, Totem sling bags are trendy and cool, but they are more than that too. They are comfortable, convenient, highly durable, and good for your street cred. One of the best features of the Totem sling bag is that it is padded. We are not just talking about the sling strap, which is padded to provide added support and comfort while wearing it. We are also talking about the interior of the bag, where the padding makes it possible to carry valuables without fearing damage. 

The bag itself is manufactured from highly durable, waterproof material. This makes them a breeze to clean, and means that spills and stains are no match for the sling bag. Totem has taken everything you could possibly need in a bag, and jam-packed it into the sling bag. 

The Totem sling bag is typically worn diagonally across the body. Whether you are trundling to your next class, or planning a longer commute across town, the sling bag will provide you with a comfortable and convenient way to carry your valuables and necessities with you. Have complete peace of mind that you will not have your hands full, and the design of the bag will ensure that you avoid the aches and pains that other types of bags can cause. 

All The Cool Kids Have a Sling Bag, and You Should Have One Too

Yes, we have already covered just how cool the sling bag is. What makes it even cooler is that it comes with a three-year guarantee, and that we, the manufacturers, have total confidence in its durability. While there are various designs, colours, and prints that make the exterior of the bag alluring, the interior also has a lot to offer. Inside, it is spacious, padded, and offers a safe space to tote your laptop, tablet, and other valuables. The sling bag design will evenly distribute weight and relieve the back, neck, and shoulders from excess tension and strain. 

The sling bag can be used for school, work, travel, and fun excursions too. It is a great all-rounder that will add value and convenience to your everyday life.

To learn more about our sling bag, we recommend that you get in touch with us at Totem. Our friendly consultants will advise you on the bags available, and let you know where the nearest stockist is in your area. Alternatively, you can purchase our stock online at, as well as a variety of other resellers and distributors.