Totem's Posture Conscious Sling Bags

Posted on December 20, 2018

How to Protect Your Child’s Posture and Development with a Sling Bag

Calling all parents who are sick and tired of watching their children wear their day bag or backpack all wrong! We have some great news for you. With a sling bag, you can stop your kids from suffering the consequences of wearing their regular day bag or backpack incorrectly, and negatively impacting on their own posture and development. Do your kids ever complain about a sore shoulder, neck, or back? Have you noticed the kids struggling under the weight of their bags on a regular basis? Tired of scolding your children for using just one shoulder strap to carry their school bags back and forth? Do not worry! Join the club. Many parents have the same struggles, and it can be quite frustrating. The TOTEM sling bag is about to change all of that for you. 

The Sling Bag Difference

It is no surprise that the incorrect use of a day bag or backpack can impose extra strain on the shoulder and neck muscles, which results in pain, stiffness, and poor posture. A sling bag offers better support of the weight inside it. A sling bag is carried with the main supporting strap across the chest. The weight of the bag thus pulls the strap towards the base of the neck, instead of allowing it to slip down the shoulder and distribute the weight incorrectly. The weight of the bag can thus be further supported by the hip or back, which reduces the downward pull on the shoulder. The result is less strain on the neck and shoulder muscles, and peace of mind for you as the parent. 

Why TOTEM Sling Bags?

It can be tough to choose between the plethora of brands on the market that are claiming to have the best product. At TOTEM, we cannot speak for other brands, but we can give you four top reasons why a TOTEM sling bag is the right choice for you and your child.

  • Value for money. The quality of a TOTEM sling bag is so high that you can consider it an investment. School backpacks and day bags go through tough times, and so, they need to be strong and durable. A TOTEM sling bag will not need to be replaced any time soon.
  • TOTEM sling bags are padded. The sling strap and the interior of the bag are padded for easy carrying, and also to protect the contents of the bag.
  • Easy cleaning. The TOTEM sling bag is waterproof and easy to clean. This means that spills, stains, and any dirt can be easily removed, leaving your child looking smart and presentable at all times.
  • Go hands-free. The sling bag is firmly secured on the body, which leaves the hands free to do everything else that needs to get done during a busy day. 

Get TOTEM Sling Bags Online or In-Store

Tired of hunting for the right bag and finding inferior quality products with high price tags attached? Stop! Start searching for the right type of bag. You can get your hands on a TOTEM sling bag for your child online at or in-store at your local PNA, Makro, Pick ‘n Pay, Checkers Hyper, and Waltons. If you need any product information or advice, get in touch with us via email or telephone at any time.