Where to buy a Totem bag

Posted on November 12, 2018

Shops, Online Stores, and Stationers

It is quite hard to overlook the many benefits of investing in Totem bags. It goes without saying that Totem offers more than just your average school bag or backpack. In fact, the brand is taking the market by storm, as it offers ergonomically designed bags that are comfortable to wear, offer convenient storage, and look absolutely trendy and fashionable too. Totem bags seem to have it all, and more, to offer, but where can you get your hands on your own Totem bag? If you are looking for outlets that stock Totem bags, you will be pleased to find that many do. 

Why Buy a Totem Bag?

With so many brands available on the market, you might wonder why Totem? Well, it is simple really. Totem is a brand that has earned its place on the market. It is not about clever marketing ploys and false promises. With Totem bags, the proof is in the pudding. Our bags are well-designed, offer exceptional value for money, and provide the ideal way to carry accessories and valuables around for many hours, cramp- and strain-free. Students, parents, and even corporate individuals simply love the Totem range. Totem bags offer comfort, durable fabrics that are easy to clean, strong components, and fashionable designs for you to choose from. It does not matter if you are just entering Grade one, or are a trendy teen, there is a Totem bag for you. And that is a guarantee. 

Which Stores Stock Totem Bags?

You can easily find a Totem stockist in your area. Just look out for our range in the following stores:

  • Checkers Hyper
  • Makro
  • PNA
  • Pick n Pay
  • Waltons

If shopping online is more your style, then you will be pleased to know that some online suppliers, including the likes of, stock Totem bags too. You can get a Totem bag nowadays, just about anywhere. In fact, if big grocery stores and online shops are not your go-to for bag shopping, you can even pop in a variety of local stationery stores and school offices to find a Totem bag that is right for you. There is really no excuse if you and the rest of your family are using old, poorly designed bags and backpacks. 

If you want to learn more about our range, simply get in touch with us via email or telephone. Alternatively, you can pop into any of the stores that stock Totem products for an up-close-and-personal look.