About Us

About Us

Artist and graphic designer, Nadine Hirschfield started Totem over 18 years ago when she noticed a gap in the market. During an overseas trip, Nadine bought her son an orthopaedic, ergonomic schoolbag and quickly discovered that there weren’t any like it sold here in South Africa. 

So began her quest to develop high-quality school bags and backpacks that don’t only look great, but are also good for you and your children’s backs. 

After finishing her Honours in Graphic Design, Nadine’s daughter Michal Oster joined the business, bringing with her first-hand insights and a wealth of knowledge on the latest trends. 

Since launching Totem bags, the passionate mother-daughter duo has reaped the success of developing a product that customers can invest in for all the right reasons.

Now a highly-trusted brand in the industry, Totem combines the finest raw materials and production methods with cutting edge design, to bring you high-quality, fashionable bags that won’t hurt your back.