Frequently Asked Questions

Totem bags are quality tested and durable. They are designed to stand up to the normal wear and tear that kids dish out.

Totem schoolbags have gone through extensive research and are designed to carry weight in a medically correct way. Totem Orthopaedic schoolbags are medically recommended. Learn more about features and benefits here.

You can count on Totem for quality. Out bags are guaranteed for 3 years and are known to last longer.

Totem is ergonomically designed to suit the scale of the child. For full orthopaedic benefit its critical to choose the right size bag. Click here to learn more.

Physiotherapists and Chiropractors both agree that the trolley bag is NOT the ideal way to carry heavy weight, due to the rotation of the spine. This method can cause problems if used long term. Want to know more? Click here.

Totem has an online store that sells at Recommended Retail Prices. Unfortunately, we do not sell direct to the public from our offices. Click here to find our where to buy our bags.