Repair Policy

Standard turnaround time is one week. However, during the peak school season, we may encounter further delays.

Return deliveries to outlying areas may take a few additional days, especially if posted. We do not use courier companies to return bags to customers. If you require your bag back urgently, we can deliver by courier with costs for your account.

Repair is always our first option, but sometimes, after assessing the condition of the bag we can occasionally make a call to replace it. Replacement will be the outcome if the bag remains within the guarantee time and cannot be repaired.

The customer covers the cost of the repair, if it is as a result of wear and tear, mishandling, or not complying with the care instructions.

As stated on our warranty policy, the customer pays the shipping costs to deliver the bag to the Totem offices. Totem will absorb the costs to return the bag to the customer. Or you are welcome to collect the bag from our premises to save time. 

Zippers are not covered by our guarantee, as we have no control over how they are used. We charge only for the labor to replace the zippers as this is outsourced.

If we have loan bags available, you are welcome to borrow one while your bag is being repaired. Alternatively use another bag or borrow one from a friend.

We will repair first, or replace with the same or similar bag. Please make sure you have your proof of purchase from the store. 

We understand that it is inconvenient to send the bag in for the repair, however, we need to do an assessment if you want the warranty advantage.  It’s up to you to return the bag to the store so they can send it through to our offices for repair. To save time, you may arrange to send your product directly to our offices. Assessing these repairs also assists us to maintain our quality for future manufacturing.


Yes – if the damage falls within our guarantee conditions. We will cover the cost of the repair if the problem was due to a manufacturing fault. We repair bags that still fall within the guarantee period only. If you’ve had your Totem product longer than the stipulated guarantee period, you’ll need to arrange the repair yourself.

Zippers are NOT guaranteed, as we have no control over the way they are used. If your zipper is damaged and your bag is still within the guarantee period, we can assist by replacing your zipper. We do this at a nominal cost as repairs are outsourced. 

This is a CARRY IN GUARANTEE. It is your responsibility to drop off, post the bag to our offices, or return it to the retailer where the product was purchased. The retailer will arrange to get the bag to us for repair. You must arrange to collect the repaired bag from the retailer, or from our offices. POSTING A BAG -  If you have posted the bag to us, we will cover the cost to return the bag to you by post. Always make sure we have a return address, contact name and telephone number. 

We use high-quality fabrics, parts and decoration techniques. We work with very professional factories that use the best production methods when manufacturing our Totem products. If the bag is used in accordance with our care instructions, your Totem bag will be used for many years. (Care instructions are found on the hangtag).

In order for us to assess the damage, you will need to send us images of the problem, or preferably, send us the actual bag to view. 

You HAVE NOT followed the care instructions if…

Overpacking the bag with more than the required weight stipulated on the hangtag can cause the zippers to split from the pressure, the shoulder straps to pull away, or the lower webbing straps to split. Our bags are tested to see through the guarantee period while carrying the correct weight. According to medical research, the bag will no longer be considered ergonomic if it exceeds more than 10% of the person’s body weight. 

This can occur if you place a sharp unprotected instrument in your bag. 

This is caused from a lunch bag or a hard book that is too big for the allocated compartment. The pressure and rubbing can damage the fabric and is considered wear and tear, which is not covered by the guarantee. This kind of wear and tear can also result from overpacking the bag.

Constant rubbing in one place can also result in wear and tear on the fabric. Such as against the back of a car seat. Wear and tear will also result from the impact of throwing the bag down on the floor.

Sitting on the bag can buckle the back-support frame and damage the molded base.

This can happen if the plastic base struts snap. These are however, tested to see through the full guarantee.

They can break after the guarantee period or if the bag is excessively loaded. These can easily be replaced at a very small cost.

Certain bags do not have the self-standing mechanism and instead have to be packed with the heavy load at the back of the bag. 

Evidence that only one shoulder strap has been used, all the bag weight is hanging off one shoulder strap, or overloading the bag in excess of the suggested weight noted on the hangtag.

If the bag is being carried using one strap, the one strap looks new while the other is crumpled.

This can occur if the bag is left in the sun for long periods of time. Fabric fading can also occur if the bag is left in the sun after washing.

This wear and tear can only happen from friction or impact, it cannot happen in the air.  This is considered wear and tear, which is not covered by the guarantee. To prevent this from occurring, try not to rub the bag on surfaces and place the bag down on its base. Also, do not throw the bag.