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Special Features

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Built to Last

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Avoid frequent replacing of school bags.

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Engineered for durability and back protection.

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Recommended by medical professionals.

Image Ergonomically

Ergonomically Engineered

The perfect carrying solution for heavy books, our schoolbags balance the load evenly between the shoulders and lower back, thanks to an internal contoured support system.

The result? Perfect comfort, ideal posture and protection of young spines.

Image Cushion Comfort

Cushion Comfort

We only use the very best, high-density padding, strategically placed so that it moulds to the shape of the back and relieves any pressure. In the long run, this promotes better blood flow and prevents muscle fatigue.

Image Stable Base

Stable Base

The firm moulded base in our schoolbags provides a solid structure for all your precious cargo, protecting your books in the process and helping your backpack stand upright

Image Shoulder Support

Shoulder Support

Just as the entire bag is cushioned for comfort, our shoulder straps are extra padded and ergonomically curved to prevent knotty necks and tense shoulders. Plus, their adjustability ensures a perfect fit for children of any age.

Image Stamp Of Approval

Stamp of Approval

Recommended by medical professionals, TOTEM Bags offer the best form of back protection. Designed to carry heavy loads, our technology is well researched in order to maintain good posture and eliminate back and shoulder strain.

Image Geared For Growth

Geared for Growth

Our convenient growth buckle straps the wearer in for extra peace of mind and adjusts to accommodate for those unexpected growth spurts over the years.

Image Smart Designs

Smart Features

With high-tech features like rain cover, trendy TOTEM Bags are ideal for any situation – come rain or shine.

Image Built To Last

Built to Last

Lightweight in fabric, yet heavy-duty in durability, we always deliver on our promise of premium quality and offer a three-year guarantee on all our bags.


We’ve put all our products and raw materials to the test (just as children do), ensuring you don’t have to replace schoolbags as frequently.

Image New Feature

Great New Feature

Chest and Hip belt to help lighten the load by a further 20%.