When it comes to school bags, the choice between traditional school bags and school bags with wheels can be a game-changer for students. Totem's T-Roll, a hero trolley bag with wheels, offers a unique perspective on this matter with its innovative features. In this discussion, we'll delve into the pros and cons of school bags with wheels while highlighting the exceptional characteristics of T-Roll.

What are the Pros of School Bags with Wheels?

Effortless Mobility

School bags with wheels, like the T-Roll, simplify the task of carrying heavy textbooks and school supplies. This feature significantly reduces the physical strain, especially when navigating crowded hallways between classes.

Enhanced Storage

The T-Roll boasts superior storage space with three zip compartments and one side pocket. This generous capacity allows students to keep their school supplies well-organised, making T-Roll perfect for school life and being on the go.

Protective Wheel Cover

T-Roll's unique wheel cover design protects the wheels and prevents soiling while carrying, ensuring that your bag stays clean and hygienic.

Lightweight Aluminium Trolley Handle*

The durable aluminium trolley handle of T-Roll is lightweight and designed for longevity, making it an ideal companion for students.

High-Density Foam Back Padding

T-Roll features high-density foam back padding made with durable, breathable fabric. This ensures that students experience optimal comfort even during prolonged periods of carrying.

Cons of School Bags with Wheels


School bags with wheels offer convenience but can be bulkier than traditional backpacks. This may pose challenges when fitting them into small lockers or navigating crowded spaces. The T-Roll’s sleek design means it isn’t much wider than a set of shoulders, so this won’t be much of a problem. It also has specific design adaptations to keep you clean when you wear it on your back.

Terrain Limitations

These bags may not perform well on uneven or rough terrain, limiting their use outside of school premises. For this reason, you can simply pick up your T-Roll and wear it on your back.

Weight Limitations

Bags with wheels do have a limit as to how much they can carry. They are perfect for school and text books and stationery but not so good for giving your friends a lift to their classes. Overloading them can lead to potential wheel and handle issues.

Choosing between school bags with wheels and traditional backpacks depends on personal preferences and practical considerations. T-Roll, one of Totem's school bags with wheels, presents an innovative solution that addresses many of the challenges associated with wheeled bags. With its unique wheel cover design, lightweight aluminium trolley handle, high-density foam padding, and superior storage space, T-Roll offers students the best of both worlds – the convenience of wheels and the comfort of a well-designed school bag. Whether you opt for wheels or traditional straps, Totem ensures that students have access to quality and ergonomic school bag options to enhance their school experience.