Built for beyond

The Totem team has been on a long journey. For more than twenty years, we’ve been making bags. And we’ve learnt a lot: about bags, and about the people who carry them.

We know that quality is a non-negotiable. So, we’ve worked with medical experts and read the international research and manufacture with highly professional factories. The result is an ergonomic product that supports the back, lightens the load, and encourages correct posture. We design with function and flair.

Totem is a family business

It was founded by Nadine in 1996 when she realised that South African-made schoolbags just weren’t up to global standards. They were being built around books, not backs. Students were stooped, with pressure in all the wrong places. It was a literal headache. So, a company was started, and the game was changed.

Since those early days, the Totem range has expanded to include backpacks, trolley bags, pencil cases and accessories. As Nadine’s children grew up – with straight spines and correct postures – they joined the business, too. Michal is a creative force, and Zach’s entrepreneurial spirit keeps us on our toes.

Because we are a family, we understand what kids and parents need. So our bags are here to make life easier. More than that, they're here to make life better. We care about protecting developing backs. We're all about comfort. We want to help move you forward. To go beyond.

If that sounds like a lot for a bag to carry, that's because it is. But if there's one bag that's up to the job, it's a Totem.