The perfect fit

We all know that when something fits you well, it makes you feel good. The same should apply when it comes to wearing a bag. A snug fit will do wonders for your child’s posture, and their confidence too!

Fitting your bag

Designed to support

For your child to maintain good posture and to reduce strain on their shoulders and back please encourage them to use both straps when wearing their Totem schoolbag. This will be help distribute the weight more evenly and allow for full orthopedic benefits.

Here's how to properly fit the bag on your child's back

Place the bag close to your child's back

Position the lower back padding against the curve of your child's lower back

Hold the bag in the position and adjust the shoulder straps

Tighten the slack on the buckle feature until small webbing is taut

Tighten or loosen the growth buckle at the lower end of the shoulder straps