Why Totem

There’s no better bag

Totem bags are unique. From bottom to buckle, they’re ergonomically designed.

We all know that investing in a quality pair of good shoes always pays off: in terms of durability, comfort, support, protection, and looks. It’s the same when it comes to a bag.

A Totem will not only last (and last), it will reward you every time you put it on. Stand tall. Look good. Carry the load.

Why Totem

Orthopedic design

Internal aluminium - contoured back-frame: for more stability, spinal support, and less sway. Weight is evenly distributed, with perfect muscle contact.

Maintains correct posture

Shoulder strap growth buckle: which adjusts to allow for growth and ongoing use.

Carries the weight close to back

Anatomic air system: for ventilation.

Evenly distributes the weight

High-density foam padding: on the shoulders and back, hugging the body and strategically cushioning the load.

Lightens the load by up to 20%

Tough, firm base: keeps the bag upright, allows easy access, and protects books.

Lightens the load by up to 20%

no need to replace bags so frequently.

Get the bag your back deserves.


Growing into better backs

Whatever their age, anyone carrying a sub-standard bag will be squirming and straining under the weight. A big concern is the ongoing pressure on the spine and neck (often resulting in muscle strain and headaches which can cause an inability to concentrate). A heavy bag with no built in support forces a person to compensate by rounding their back, thrusting their shoulders forward, contracting their chest muscles and poking their head forward. It’s not a good look.

Totem, then, offers kids a real health advantage. Our bags are made to be a support – preventing back problems, protecting posture, and reducing the load by up to 20%


An aluminium frame provides the core structure of our bags, reducing the load by up to 20%.

Perfect that posture.


There’s strength in every stitch, and careful choice of all materials. Our bags are built to last

And who else offers you a 3-year guarantee?

Environmentally conscious

We don’t use any chemical or toxic dyes in our manufacturing process.

And, because our bags are built to last, they’re a smart and sustainable solution.


Function, meet fashion.

We track trends in what’s wearable, worldwide.