Our guarantee: we believe in our bags!

We’ve designed our bags to last, using quality materials and a proven manufacturing process. That’s why every Totem bag comes with a guarantee*. We promise to replace your bag within this time frame should it be found to have a problem – although we’re proud of how infrequently that happens!

To activate your guarantee, just scan the QR code displayed on your bag’s hang-tag and complete your details in the online registration form found below. Once that’s done, you will receive a confirmation email, and then you’re all set.

*All our bags, including the T-Roll, come with a three-year guarantee. The Trolley and Voyager bags come with a one year guarantee.

Taking care of your Totem

We do ask that you use your bag as intended. So, please don’t stuff it too full with school books or sports equipment or Elephants. And water damage is a real thing too, so please don’t jump into the swimming pool or leave it to suntan for long hours. And please also don’t use it as a trampoline, punching bag, or stepladder.

Although it’s a crazy world, we only guarantee ‘normal’ wear and tear.

Register Your Guarantee

If you've arrived at this page via scanning the **QR code** please fill out the form below to register your guarantee.


Our guarantee does not exclude any rights that are available to you under the Consumer Protection Act.